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What is Electricity Rate In Delhi ?

Electricity Rate In Delhi

Electricity Rate In Delhi

For the 2019-20 year, DELHI ELECTRICITY REGULATORY COMMISSION has defined the electricity rate for a different -different types of consumers.Here we will talk about all types of consumer and Electricity rate schedules by the Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission.
Any Electricity Company or Board charges two types of Rate for Electricity and these charges are:-
(a)Fixed Charge 
(b) Energy Charge

What is Fixed Charge?

Fixed Charge in Electricity is a fixed amount on a fixed maximum demand load. This Fixed Electricity charge is different for different types of consumers.generally it increases if maximum demand load increases. Any electricity board fixed this amount that a particular customer will not reduce his/her electricity bill by less using electricity and also this charge is used to maintain the depreciation cost in transporting the electricity.

Fixed Charge Electricity Rate in Delhi

Domestics and Individual Connection
Fixed Charge in Rs./KW/month
Up to 2 kW
>2kW and <5kW
>5 kW and <15kW
>15 kW and <25 kW
<25 kW

 Energy Charges: Electricity Rate In Delhi

it is a variable charge. It is fixed by electricity board and it constant for everyone for a given range of electrical energy consumption. Energy charges for Delhi are given below.

Energy In
Energy Charge in Rs./KWH
0 – 200 Unit
201 – 400 Unit
401 – 800 Unit
801 -1200 Unit
< 1200 Unit

Let You Have Taken a connection of maximum 2kW and Total Energy Consumed By you in a month is 90 Unit. then your electricity bill will be like this 

Fixed charge = Rs.20 (it is fixed rate for)kw
 Energy charge = 90 x 3 = Rs.270 (90 is less than 200 unit)

Hence total Payable amount is 270 +20 = Rs.290.

(Note:- This data is only for household and individual use. For Commercial and other business purpose use Electricity rates are different for different loads.)
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