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Advantage and Disadvantage of nuclear power plant

The nuclear power plants are only source which can full fill the future demand of electrical energy of the world.Nuclear power plants have the following advantage and disadvantages.

Advantage of Nuclear Power plant

  • Nuclear power plants are well suited to meet large power demand.it gives best performance at high load factor.
  • Nuclear power plant require less amount of fuel hence there is a saving of transportation.
  • Operation of Nuclear power plant is more reliable as compared to other power plant.
  • Nuclear power plant is not advanced affected by weather condition.
  • Fuel of Nuclear power plant can be recycled.
  • The power generation cost of nuclear power plants are low.
  • A nuclear power plants required less space as compared to other power plant.

Disadvantage of Nuclear power Plant 

  • The initial capital cost of nuclear power plants are always high.
  • Nuclear power plants can not operate on varying load.
  • Maintenance cost of nuclear power plants are high as compared to other power plants.
  • Nuclear power plants are health hazardous to the worker.
  • Well trained worker are required for the operation.
  • Due to nuclear reaction of radioactive material ,hazardous alpha,beta and gama rays produced.
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