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Wireless Camera : Definition,Types, Working ,Application and Price - Electrical Diary

What is wireless camera? A wireless camera is a type of security camera that uses a wireless connection to transmit video and audio to a receiver or a remote location, such as a computer or a smartp…

An Electric Heater is rated 1500 watt how much energy is used in 10 hours - Electrical Diary

What is an electric Heater? It is an electrical machine or equipment that is used to heat water with electricity. Most people use it to heat water in winter. It is very easy to use. Anyone can use i…

Realme wireless earphones | Price | Specification and other Detail

What is Realme? Realme is a Chinese smartphone manufacturer. The headquarters of realme is based in Beijing China. This company was founded in 2018 by sky Li who was vice president of oppo mobile. E…
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