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Parts of Nuclear Power Plant

What is Nuclear Power pant ?

The nuclear power pant is the only source which  can supply the future demands of the world.The initial capital cost of nuclear power plant is very high.Radio active substance are used as fuel of  nuclear power plant.The nuclear reactor converts nuclear energy into electrical energy.Nuclear power plant is very complex plant.It consist of many types of component.The nuclear power plants uses nuclear fission process in which heavy atomic weight material (atoms of uranium or other similar radio active materials)nucleus split into metal of lower atomic weight and release huge amount of heat energy and this generated heat energy is used to convert water into steam and this steam is used to move turbine which is coupled with alternator.The main components of the Nuclear power plants are given below

Components of Nuclear Power Plant

  • Nuclear Reactor
  • Heat Exchanger
  • Steam Turbine
  • Alternator
  • Condenser

Nuclear Reactor

Nuclear reactor is the main parts of nuclear power plant `where the chain reaction takes place and generates huge amount of heat energy.this generated heat energy is used to boil the water and this boiled water is then converted into steam and then this steam is used to run the turbine.

Heat Exchanger

Heat exchanger is the part of the nuclear power plant where the generated heat energy is used to convert the water into steam.Steam generated here is used to move turbine which is coupled with a synchronous alternator.

Steam Turbine

Steam turbine rotates to generate electricity.The generated steam is allow to expand in the turbine and create high pressure and due this pressure turbine rotates the coupled alternator.


Condenser is used to condense the steam coming out of turbine .it condenses steam into water which circulates into heat exchanger to form steam.
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