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Nuclear Power Plant | Diagram | Advantage & Other Detail

The energy need of the world can not be met from a single source of energy in the future. Production of electrical energy by the hydroelectric power plant is cheap but hydropower plants need thermal backing to increase the firm capacity. Coal is the main source of energy for thermal power plants and the reserve of coal is depleting very fast. In this case, the Nuclear Power Plant is the only source of electric energy that can full fill future demand for the electric energy of the world. Compared to all other sources of electric energy plant, Nuclear Power Plant has some Advantage Which is listed below:-

Advantage of Nuclear Power Plant

  • Radioactive substances are used as fuel in nuclear power plant and a small piece of radioactive substance generate a huge amount of heat energy hence the low amount of fuel is needed for nuclear power plant.
  • Since less amount of fuel is used, there is a need for transportation of fuel.
  • Nuclear Power Plant need less area as compared to other power plants.
  • Greater use of Nuclear power plants will help to reserve Coal.

The disadvantage of the Nuclear Power Plant   

  • Initial Capital Investment of Nuclear Power Plant is High.
  • Waste management of Nuclear Power Plant is risky.
  • Safety management of manpower in the nuclear power plant is costly as compared to another power plant
  • The technology of Nuclear Power Plant is advanced and it is not available for every country. 

Main Parts of Nuclear Power Plant

Nuclear Power Plant is a Combination of different Components and all components perform different tasks at different stagess. Important Component of Nuclear Power Plans are
  • Reactor
  • Heat Exchanger
  • Steam Turbine
  • Alternator
  • Condenser
Nuclear Power Plant is similar to a thermal power plant but the difference is only a Nuclear power plant consists of a nuclear reactor and heat exchanger instead of a boiler.

What is Nuclear Reactor Component?

Functioning of Nuclear Power Plant

The functioning of the Nuclear Power Plant is similar to the working of the thermal power plant. The only difference between thermal power plants to nuclear power plants is the generation of heat energy. In thermal Power Plant heat energy is generated by the burning of Coal and other liquid fuel but in Nuclear power plants, heat energy is generated by the chain reaction of radioactive substances like uranium, plutonium, or another heavy element.
Production of heat energy in the Nuclear Power Plant happens in Nuclear Reactor. Once Chain Reaction started in the Nuclear reactor a huge amount of heat energy is generated, this generated heat energy is used to generate steam in the steam generator. Once the Steam is generated, it is used to move the shaft of the Alternator. An alternator is a Synchronous Generator and it is coupled with the turbine. generated Electrical Energy is sent to Step Up Transformer and then it is sent to the Power Station by Transmission.

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