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Parallel Operation of Single Phase Transformer - Electrical Diary

 What is Single Phase Transformer?

A transformer is an electrical static machine. It is used to change the voltage level of alternating current without a change in frequency. A transformer that works on a single-phase supply is known as a Single-phase transformer. In a single Phase, transformer a single winding is mounted on the primary side of the transformer, and also a single winding is mounted on the core of the secondary side of the transformer.

What is the Parallel Operation of the transformer?

When the Secondary winding of two Transformers is connected to each other in such a way that the negative terminal of one transformer is connected with the negative terminal and the positive terminal with the positive terminal of the other transformer then transformers are said to parallel connected.
In other words, two transformers are said to be parallel connected when their primary windings connected to a common alternating voltage source, and their secondary windings are connected to a common load.

When a parallel-connected transformer performs on a given load then it is known as parallel operation of the Transformer. Basic Circuit Diagram of a Parallel Transformer is given below:-

Parallel Operation of Transformer

Condition for Parallel Operation of two or Than Two Transformer

While Connecting two or more than two transformers in Parallel Operation, We should keep in mind these conditions. These Conditions are necessary for satisfactory operation of parallel operation of transformer:-
  • The Polarity of the Transformer must be the same.
  • The Turn ratio of the transformers should be equal.
  • At full load Voltage, internal impedances of both transformers should be equal.
  • The ratio of winding resistance to the reactance of both transformers should be equal.

Advantages of Parallel Operation of Transformer

These are the following operation of the transformer:-
  • A combination of two or more than two transformers of small rating in parallel operation can provide large power for heavy load.
  • In Substation a large number of appropriate rating transformers are used for different loads, parallel operation of the transformer can reduce it.
  • If a load is fed by parallel operation of the transformer, during operation if a transformer fails to operate then it will not affect the working of the load.
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