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Inductor Definition | Inductor Coil |Inductor Symbol | Inductor in Series


What is the Inductor Definition?

 An inductor is a passive component designed to store electrical energy as the domain of the magnetic field. Inductors find numerous applications in electronics and power systems. these are used in power supply, transformer, radio, TV, radar, electric motors, etc.

Any conductor of electric current has inductive properties and may be regarded as an inductor but in order to enhance the inductive effect, a practical inductor is usually formed into a cylindrical coil with many turns of conducting wire. 

Inductance is the property where an inductor exhibits opposition to change of current flowing through it. its SI unit is henry (H). The inductance of an inductor depends on its physical dimensions like

(a) Number of turns
(b) length of core
(c) Area of the cross-section
(d) Permeability of the core

Is Inductor a Coil?

when thin and fine conductor like aluminum or coppers are arranged in a circular shape and when this process is repeated number of times then it is called a coil. After arranging these conductors in this fashion, it got an extra property including as a conductor for AC current.

Choke: An Inductor

When the fine wire of either copper or aluminum is wound in the form of a coil and is given a shape of an electric or electronic component then it is called an inductor or choke. A choke has almost inductive property as compared to resistance and capacitance.

there are of three types of choke
(a) Air-Core Type
In this type of choke there is no is only is used into an electronics circuit. the inductance value of this choke is very low.

(b) Ferrite Core type 
In this type of choke, a chord of iron and carbon is used. the inductance value of this choke can be changed up to a certain limit.these are used in radio receivers and transmitters.

(c)Iron Core Type 
In this type of inductor, the cord is made of soft iron. Due to the soft iron, the inductance of the choke is increased. These are used to increased the impedance and to produce a high voltage in fluorescent tubes and sodium lamps. Apart from this, it is also used in the power electronics circuits to remove pulsations. 
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