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Nuclear Power Plant:Future Demand of Electrical Energy

Nuclear Power Plant - The energy need of any country can not be met from a single source of energy.Hydro electric power plant produces cheap power but it need a thermal backing to increase the firm capacity.The coal reserve of the world is fast depleting.Hence the nuclear power is the only source which can full fill the future energy demand of the world.there are many advantage of nuclear power plant as compared to the other power plant.Main advantage of the nuclear power plant are given below
  • The amount of fuel used in nuclear power plant is low therefore,the fuel cost is low.
  • Since the amount of needed fuel is small then there is no problem of fuel transportation and storages.
  • Nuclear power plant requires less area than the conventional steam plant.
  • Greater nuclear power production leads to conservation of coal oil and other massive fuel.

Nuclear power plant has one big disadvantage and that is the initial capital cost .and also very few country in  the world possess the technology to manufacture nuclear reactor and nuclear fuel.In spite of this nuclear power is likely to supply greater and greater portion of future power needs of the world.

Selection of location of Nuclear Power Plant  

The selection of site for a power project is always a very difficult issue to decide .In taking a decision on locating a new nuclear power plant the following point have to be taken under consideration.
  • A nuclear plant required very little fuel hence it does not require direct rail facility for fuel transport.But transport are required during the construction period.
  • The cooling water requirements of a nuclear plant are very heavy.A nuclear plant needs more than twice the water required for the same size coal is very rare that a river with such a large flow throughout the year would be available .hence cooling towers for nuclear plants are larger than those for coal station.
  • Area remote from coal fields and hydro sites are preferable to improve the reliability of supply over the whole area.
  • The substrata must be strong enough to support the heavy reactors which may weigh high as one lakh tons and impose bearing pressure of around 50 tons per square meter.
  • In the eventuality of an escape of radioactivity proper monitoring radiological control and public safety can be more easily ensured in thinly populated areas.    
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