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Microcoulomb to Coulomb | u to c - By electrical diary

 What is Coulomb? 

Coulomb is the SI Unit of electric charge. Electric charge is an intrinsic property of the material. When a fundamental charged particle-like electron disturbs an element then that element gets charged. The creation of charge on any material means that the material has either gained an electron or lost an electron. Due to the transfer of an electron, an object become charged. if the object will gain electrons from an external source then it will be negatively charged. if an object loses an electron then it will be positively charged.

The magnitude of the charge of the electron is too small that it can not be practically detected. Hence While dealing with question-related to charge, the magnitude of charges are given in micro coulomb, nano coulomb, etc

Micro coulomb to  Coulomb

Conversion from Microcoulomb to Coulomb 

Conversion of Micro Coulomb charge into Coulomb is very easy. if the magnitude of the charge is given into micro coulomb then it can be converted into coulomb by just multiplying by a factor of 10-6
here will clear it with an example.

if the total charge on an object is 20 micro coulomb then What will be in nano Coulomb.?
here total charge on Object is Q (say)
 Q = 20 μC
As we know that 1μ = 10-6
Q = 20 x 10-6Coulomb

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Conversion from  Coulomb to Microcoulomb

Conversion of charge from Coulomb to Micro Coulom is the reverse of Microcoulomb to Coulomb. here Given Charge in Coulomb is divided by a factor of 10-6

Let takes an example 
if the total charge on an object is 20 x 10-6Coulomb then Convert it into an Equivalent microcoulomb.
here Q = 20 x 10-6Coulomb
Q = {(20 x 10-6)C}/ (10-6)
Q = 20 x 10-6 +6
Q = 20 μC

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