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Magnitude : Definition with Example - Electrical Diary

What is magnitude? 

The magnitude of anything thing refers that how much or how many times a specific quantity is!. In the measuring system, magnitude is used to compare identical quantities. In this Article, We took many examples to get a complete idea about magnitude.

What is magnitude in Physics?

In Physics and engineering, it is essential to measure a specific physical quantity. Physical quantities are classified into two categories i.e Scalar Quantity and Vector Quantity.
if a 100 N force is applied to a massive object towards the east and the object starts moving in the east. Here 100 N is the magnitude of force and east is the direction. Any physical quantity having magnitude along with the direction is called a vector quantity. 

Rashika is moving along a straight path and covers a 2 km distance in 3 hours. In this example, the length of the path is 2 Km, which is the magnitude of the length. Here there is no need for direction to explain this physical quantity. Any physical quantity having only magnitude to express is known as a scalar quantity.

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