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Electric Bingo Machine : Know everything About electric bingo machine

electric bingo machine

What is an electric bingo machine?

An electric bingo machine is a device used to automate the process of generating and displaying numbers during a game of bingo. It replaces the traditional method of manually drawing numbered balls from a spinning cage or using a caller to announce the numbers.
An electric bingo machine simplifies and streamlines the game of bingo by automating the number generation, calling, and verification processes. It enhances the gaming experience, provides greater accuracy, and offers added convenience and accessibility for players.

How an electric bingo machine typically works?

Number Generation

The machine is programmed to generate random numbers within a specified range, typically from 1 to 75 or 1 to 90, depending on the type of bingo being played (75-ball or 90-ball bingo). The numbers are generated using a random number generator (RNG) algorithm, ensuring fairness and eliminating any bias.


The machine features a display board or screen that shows the generated numbers clearly for all players to see. The numbers are usually large and easily visible, ensuring that players can easily identify and mark their bingo cards accordingly.


When a number is generated, the machine announces or displays it on the screen along with a voice prompt or text display. This helps players keep track of the called numbers without relying on a human caller. Some machines may also have additional audio or visual effects to enhance the gaming experience.


Players cross-reference the called numbers with their own bingo cards to determine if they have a matching number. If they do, they mark it off, either by manually daubing the number on a physical card or using electronic daubing devices.

Winning Confirmation

Once a player completes a winning pattern, such as a line, pattern, or full house, they indicate it by pressing a button or signaling the system. The machine verifies the winning claim against the called numbers and announces the winner, displaying their winning pattern on the screen.

Resetting and Starting New Games

 After each game, the machine resets the called numbers and prepares for the next game. It may have additional features such as preset patterns, customizable settings, and various game options to accommodate different bingo variations and player preferences.

Benefits of Electric Bingo Machines

Accuracy: The machine eliminates the possibility of human error in number selection and calling, ensuring fair and unbiased gameplay.
Speed: The automation of number generation and calling speeds up the game, allowing for more rounds to be played within a given time frame.
Accessibility: The displayed numbers are easily visible to all players, including those with visual impairments, as they are typically large and well-lit.
Convenience: Players don't need to manually daub numbers on their cards, as some machines offer electronic daubing features that automatically mark off the called numbers.
Versatility: Electric bingo machines can be programmed for various bingo variations, accommodating different patterns, prize structures, and game rules.
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