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Relation Between Radiation and Current - Electrical Diary

Definition  of Radiation and Current

Radiation and Current are totally different Quantities. The similarity between these two physical quantities is that these are the component of energy and these are used to explain in their respective field. Radiation is a way that is used to transmit energy from one place to another. During transmission of energy using the Radiation technique, it does not require any type of physical medium. To explain the phenomenon of Radiation, the basic and fundamental quantity is the photon.While transferring electrical current, electrically charged particles are used like electrons and others. For Transfering electrically charged particles, a physical medium is required so there is no relation between radiation and current physically.But radiation can be produced with the help of current and current can be also produced with the help of radiation. But this Conversion is a complex task and it is not easy.

What kind of current emits from radiation?

Current means flow of energy particle. Hence Due to radiation, energy transfer takes place but this energy transfer takes place in a small pocket which is called Quanta. The Amount of Energy of Quanta is called Photon. So current emit due to radiation is called photon current.

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