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CBSE 10th Class Math Syllabus | NCERT 10th Class Math Syllabus | Complete Syllabus

About 10th Class Maths


As we all know that Mathematics is one of the key subjects for 10th class students. Mathematics will play an important role while students planning his/her higher study plan. So it becomes essential for every student that he/she will score more in the high school exam i.e 10th board exam. if every and each student will study mathematics by making a study plan then it will be very easy to score better in mathematics. if students want to good score in mathematics either he is a student of CBSE, ICSE, or any other state board student in India then he should have complete knowledge about the syllabus of mathematics. Because syllabus of 10th class mathematics will give you an idea that what have you study during your study period.

 What is Syllabus?

The syllabus is a collection of all types of course contents about a particular exam that is conducted by a board or organizing body. Every Exam Conducting body Provide the course content before the exam conduct. This course content is called a syllabus. In the syllabus, every area of the arising question in the exam is mention in detail. Knowledge of the syllabus gives an idea that study material will help me to prepare myself to get more score. So it becomes essential to got knowledge about the syllabus of the subject for what a student is going to prepare himself/herself.

10th Maths Syllabus CBSE

In India, CBSE is one of the huge bodies for organizing the 10th class exam. This Board Conduct exam in every part of India. Every year about million of the student appears for 10th class exam India which is organizing by CBSE.CBSE follows the syllabus for the 10th class which has been prepared by NCERT. Not Only CBSE, ICSE, and other state boards also follow the syllabus prepared by NCERT. Hence if you are a student of 10th class and searching for the 10th maths syllabus then you are in a good place.if you prepare your 10th class math according to the syllabus given below then you can easily score better score in any board exam.NCERT 10th class Mathematics Syllabus is
CBSE 10th class math syllabbus

Number Systems 

Real Numbers – Euclid’s division lemma, Fundamental Theorem of Arithmetic – statements after reviewing work done earlier and after illustrating and motivating through examples, Proofs of results – irrationality of √2, √3, etc, decimal expansions of rational numbers in terms of terminating/non-terminating recurring decimals


1. POLYNOMIALS:-Zeros of a polynomial. Relationship between zeros and coefficients of quadratic polynomials.Statement and simple problems on division algorithm for polynomials with real coefficients.

2. QUADRATIC EQUATIONS:- Standard form of a quadratic equation ax2+bx+c=0, (where a ≠0). The solution of the quadratic equations (only for real roots) by factorization, completing the square and using the quadratic formula. Relationship between discriminant and nature of roots.

3. PAIR OF LINEAR EQUATIONS IN TWO VARIABLES:-Pair of linear equations of two variables with its graphical solution. Geometric representation of different possibilities of solutions(Either it is Consistent or inconsistent). Algebraic conditions for the number of solutions. Solution of a pair of linear equations of two variables algebraically - by substitution, elimination and cross multiplication method. Simple situational problems must be included. Simple problems on equations reducible to linear equations.

4. ARITHMETIC PROGRESSIONS:-Concept of Sequence and Series.Arithmetic Progression (AP) Derivation of the nth term and sum of the first n terms of A.P. and its application in solving daily life problems.

Coordinate Geometry 

Lines ( two-dimensions):- Concepts of coordinate geometry, graphs of linear equations. Distance formula. Section formula (internal division). Area of a triangle in coordinate form.Concept of Quadrant.

 CIRCLES:-Tangents to a circle motivated by chords drawn from points coming closer and closer to the point. Proof of  The tangent at any point of a circle is perpendicular to the radius through the point of contact. The lengths of tangents drawn from an external point to circle are equal.

Constructions:-Division of a line segment in a given ratio (internally).Tangent to a circle from a point outside it.Construction of a triangle similar to a given triangle.

Triangles:- (Definitions, examples, counterexamples of similar triangles.) Proof of different types of theorem related to triangles.Proof and Relation between three sides of the Right angle triangle.


Introduction of Trigonometry, Different types of trigonometrical Identities, Trigonometric ratios of an acute angle of a right-angled triangle. Proof of their existence (well defined); motivate the ratios, whichever are defined at 0° and 90°. Values (with proofs) of the trigonometric ratios of 30°, 45°, and 60°.Trigonometric Identities – Proof and applications of the identity Cos2x +Sin2x = 1.  Trigonometric ratios of complementary angles.
Heights and Distances Concept with Simple and middle-level problems on heights and distances. The concept of Angles of elevation and angle of depression and problem based on it.


Areas Related to Circles and areas of sectors and segments of a circle. Problems based on areas and circumference of the sector and segment.
Problems on finding surface areas and volumes of cubes, cuboids, spheres, hemispheres and right circular cylinders/cones. Frustum of a cone and various Combinations of all above mention.

Statistics And Probability

Concept of  Mean, median, and mode of grouped data. Cumulative frequency graph.

Concept of Probability with problem-based on Dice and Tossing of Coin.Concept of event.
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