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Electricity Bill and Pay Electricity Bill Online

What is the electricity bill?

If your home has items like television, freeze, cooler, fan, etc. which are electrically operated then each month an electricity bill is received by the company or board providing electricity in your area. It is called the Electricity Bill. 

This electricity bill contains the details of the electrical energy consumed by the electrically operated appliance in your home.

The electricity bill is received by the consumer every month from the electricity board or the company. It consists of details of the electrical energy spent by the consumer in the entire month. 

In addition, this electricity bill also contains other information like consumer ID, last month. Outstanding amount, energy spent in the current month, power factor, maximum demand, etc.
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Electricity Bill

Electric power companies measure the energy consumed by the consumer in units and consumers have to pay the electricity bill to the board or a predetermined price per unit rate. In addition to the energy value spent by the user, Energy Providing Company demands some fixed charge. This fixed charge is different for different users. 

For domestic use users, this value is Rs. 20. And it is different for the industrial user according to the maximum load connected to it. This fixed amount varies for different states and different electricity boards.

How much is 1 unit of electricity?

This is a simple question to ask. If you have studied upto10th class then you will know the answer to this question. If you still do not know the answer to this question, we will tell you the answer.

 If the answer to this question is spoken in one simple word then 3.6 x 106 Joule of energy is called one unit but it will be a little difficult for a common person to understand. So to understand this in a simple way, we will take an example.
Electricity Bill Payment
Suppose your villager  Mukesh took a maximum power connection of 1 KW from a power company, giving him a feed charge of Rs.20 and an Energy meter charge of Rs.3 per month to the power company. Suppose two 10 watt bulbs glow 8 hours per day in Mukesh's house and two fans of 70watt for 5 hours per day, then the electrical energy consumed by Mukesh will be calculated in the following way. If the power rate provides by the power company is Rs.3 per unit.
Total energy consumed = (number of bulbs x capacity of bulb x burning time) + (number of fans x fan capacity x fan running time)

Total energy consumed = (2 x10x8) + (2x70x5)
Total energy consumed = 160 + 700 Wh
Total energy consumed = 860 Wh

This is the amount of energy consumed by Mukesh in a day. the total energy consumed by Mukesh in 30 days is 

Total energy consumed = 860 x 30 Wh
Total energy consumed = 25800 Wh

When the total amount of energy consumed in a month is divided by 1000, it is called a unit. That is, the total number of units spent by Mukesh in a month = 25800/1000 units = 25.8 units

Amount paid by Mukesh to the power company = 25.8 x 3 +20(Fixed Charge) +3 (meter charge) = Rs 100.40

 Electricity bill payment 

If you have taken an electricity connection from a company, then every month you will get the electricity bill. This electricity bill contains the details of the electrical energy you have consumed in the entire month. 

After receiving the electricity bill, the consumer has to pay the amount of Consumed electrical energy. For this payment, the Electricity Board or the company10 to 12 days to pay the electricity bill. 

The consumer has to pay his electricity bill payment during the given time period. If the consumer does not pay his electricity bill during this time period, then the electricity company pays the amount next month by adding interest to this outstanding amount.

How to Pay Your electricity bills online?

If this month you have got your home or company's electricity bill and you want to pay your electricity bill. You can pay your electricity bill in two ways. You can do it either online or offline.

To pay for electricity bills offline, you have to visit the office of your nearest electricity department. If you do not have a lack of time, then you can adopt this method. 

If you have a time problem, then you have to pay your electricity bill online. To pay an electricity bill online, you have to visit the official website of your electricity board on your mobile or laptop.

After this, you have to first choose the section paying the electricity bill. After this, your consumer ID will be asked. After entering your consumer ID, you can check your balance by clicking submit.

After this, you can pay your electricity bill using internet banking, debit card, credit card, or UPI payment system.

If you find it a bit difficult to do all these things then you can use third party android app like Paytm, phone pay, google pay, and another online service.
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