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12 V DC Motor: Working and Construction - Electrical Diary


 What is an Electric Motor?

The electric motor is an electromechanical energy-conversing device. In other words, Electric Motor is a device that converts electrical energy into Mechanical Energy. Electrical energy may be as a domain of AC or DC. it is a very useful device. There is a wide range of Electric Motor but here we will discuss only 12v DC motors.
12v DC motor

What is 12 volt DC Motor?

it is a Special type of DC Motor that runs on a 12 volt DC Supply. it is a general-purpose DC motor. Most of the household electronics machine consists of a 12-volt dc motor. The current rating of this motor depends on the load of the motor. The speed of DC motors is specified in Revolution Per Meter (RPM).

How a 12v DC Motor Work? | Principle of DC Motor

The working of all types of DC motors is the same, based on electromagnetic induction. According to which whenever a Current carrying Conductor is kept in the influence of a magnetic field then this conductor experience a force. On this same principle, the 12v Dc motor also works.

Construction of 12v DC Motor

Any type of electric rotating machine has two main parts i.e stator and Rotor. The stator is a static part of the machine while the rotor is a rotating part of the machine. Generally, high-grade steel materials are used to make the stator. Mostly stator is designed in such a way that it will provide mechanical support for the motor also. Sice Rotor is a rotating part of the motor and also it consists rotor coil conductor which linked with the magnetic flux provided by the magnetic field system. Hence high-grade alloy of silicon and steel is used to make the rotor. core.

Magnetic Field System for DC Motor

The magnetic field system is one of the important parts of the DC motor. This part provides a magnetic field that interacts with the rotor coil. In a large DC motor magnetic field flux is provided by producing a magnetic flux by an electromagnet. This magnetic field system is kept in the stator core and fed by an external source of DC current. For small size, DC motor like 6v,12 v,24 v DC motor magnetic field is provided by a permanent magnet.  the segment of the permanent magnet of proper size is assembled in the stator of the DC motor.

Application of 12v DC Motor

  • it is used in DC fans.
  • Sometimes it is used to run as a water pump.
  • It is used in a cooler.
  • it is mostly used in electronic devices.
  • it is used in motorbikes to start.
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