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Armature Reaction In DC Motor | Armature reaction - Electricaldiary

What is Armature?

The armature is used in both types of electrical machines either it is a generator or motor. Sometimes it is referred that the stator is the armature and sometimes it is referred that the rotor is the armature. So it is always confusing about armature. The armature is the part of the electrical machine in which EMF is induced. it does not matter either it is the rotor or stator of a generator or motor. This concept is applicable to both types of machine AC and DC. Sometimes Armature may be Rotor and Sometimes Stator maybe armature.

What is Armature Winding?

The winding of the armature is called armature winding. if the Rotor is the armature of an electrical machine then it's winding is called armature winding and also if the stator is the armature for a particular electrical machine then the winding of stator winding is called armature winding.
armature reaction

What is Armature Reaction?

Armature reaction is a reaction between the main field flux and armature flux produced in the armature. In other words, armature reaction is the effect of armature flux on the main field flux of the electrical machine. Armature flux created in the armature due to armature current while the main field flux created due to the permanent magnet or other external sources.

In Dc Machine (Motor or generator) rotor is the armature and its winding is called armature winding. When the rotor is rotating in the influence of the main field flux then an EMF is induced in its conductor. Due to this EMF, a Current starts to flow in the armature which is called armature current, due to this armature current a magnetic field created in the armature. thus created a magnetic field is called armature flux. When this magnetic flux interacts with the main field flux then this phenomenon is called armature reaction.

Effect of Armature Reaction

Thus created magnetic flux in the armature of DC or AC machine has some effect on the main field flux. In the Dc machine after armature reaction, the resultant magnetic flux is strengthened at the leading pole tips and weakened at the trailing pole tips.

Due to armature reaction, there is a delay in the commutation which results in sparking at the brushes. To minimize the sparking and neutralize the armature reaction,interpoles are inserted in the main field pole

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