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Advantage of hydroelectric Power Palnt - Electrical Diary

 What is Hydroelectric Power Plant?

It is a special type of power where the kinetic and potential energy of water is used to move a generator to produce electrical energy. Conversion of energy from water into electrical energy is done by a generator. Electrical Energy generated by the hydroelectric power plant is clean and no other harmful products (like fume, ash radiation, etc) produce from the hydroelectric plant. Hydroelectric plants have many advantages and fewer disadvantages compared to other power plants. The advantages and disadvantages of hydroelectric plants are given below:
advantages of hydroeletcric plants

Advantages of hydroelectric Plants 

 Hydroelectric plants offer many advantages over other means of power generation. Here we are listing the advantages of hydroelectric plants :
  • Hydroelectric Plants operate for about 50 years whereas steam plants operate for about 25 to 30 years.
  • Hydroelectric plants do not require any type of fuel for their operation. Due to the absence of primary fuel, there is no need for an ash handling plant.
  • As compared to nuclear and steam plants there is no need of maintenance in hydroelectric plants.
  • Hydroelectric plants are more robust as compared to steam and nuclear plants.
  • The efficiency of nuclear and other plants decreases with time but the efficiency of hydroelectric plants does not change with time.
  • The operation of nuclear and thermal plants totally depends on radioactive substances and coal respectively but in the case of hydroelectric plants, it is free for their operation.
  • less manpower is required to operate a hydroelectric plant as compared to nuclear and thermal power plants.
  • Hydroelectric plants are multipurpose projects because they are used for flood control along with irrigation.
  • Hydroelectric plants are free from air pollution due to smoke and other harmful gases.
  • Hydroelectric plants operate in remote areas where land costs are low.

Disadvantages of Hydroelectric Plants

Hydroelectric Power Plants also suffer from some disadvantages. Here we are summarising the disadvantages of hydroelectric plants:
  • Hydroelectric power plants take more time compared to other plants for their establishment.
  • The Capital cost per kilowatts of hydro plants is higher than that of steam plants due to the high cost of civil engineering work.
  • Power generation of hydroelectric plants depends on the availability of water. During the lean period generation of power decreases.
  • The Firm capacity of hydroelectric plants is low and required steam plants for backup.
  • Hydro Plants reservoir submerges huge areas, uproots a large population, and creates social and other issues.

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