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Classification of DC Motor : Series Motor , Shunt Motor and Compound Motor - Electrical Diary

Classification of DC Motor 

DC motors have much application in the field of engineering as well as in the field of home appliances and industry. Due to a wide range of applications, different types of motors are available in the market. But here we will talk about the DC motor. DC motors are divided into two categories on the basis of the field excitation system. Short description of all these two motors are:-
  • Self Excited DC Motor
  • Separately Excited DC Motor.

 Separately Excited DC Motor

Separately Excited DC Motors are similar to all other DC Motor but the difference is the excitation System. For the Production of Magnetic Flux, there is a separate field coil in the stator which is fed by an external DC source. 

The Field system of this type of motor is similar to the field system of the shunt motor. Generally except separately DC Motor all other motor's excitation systems and armature windings are fed by a single source of DC supply. For more About Separately Excited DC Motor Click Here.

Self Excited DC Motor

These are those motors in which Armature Supply and Field System are Connected with a single source of DC Electrical Source of Supply. Hence it is called Self Excited DC Motor. As compared to Separately excited DC motors, Self-excited motors have more applications in engineering and another field. Self Excited DC Motors are further Classified into three main categories and these are:-
  1. DC Series Motor
  2. DC Shunt Motor
  3. DC Compound Motor

DC Series Motor

This is a special type of DC Self excited DC Motor. This motor is called DC series motor because the armature and field coils are connected in series.DC series Motors have some unique characteristics as compared to all other types of DC motors. Hence DC series Motors have special types of applications in engineering and another field. There is a circuit diagram given below for the Series DC Motor. From the given Circuit Diagram it is very clear that why it is called DC series Motor.

DC Series Motor Circuit Diagram
DC Series Motor Circuit Diagram

DC Shunt Motor

DC Shunt Moors are also special types of DC motors. This is called DC Shunt Motor because In this Motor Field Winding and Armature Windings are Connected in parallel to each other with the external source of DC Supply. Characteristics of DC Shunt Motors are a unique shame as the DC Separately Excited DC motor. There is a Circuit diagram given below for DC shunt Motors. Given Circuit Diagram it Clear about the Connection between Filed Winding and Armature Winding. To know about the Application, Torque Equation, and Characteristics of DC shunt Motor click here.
DC Shunt Motor Circuit Diagram
DC Shunt Motor Circuit Diagram

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