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Configuration and Application of Transistor As Amplifier - Electricaldiary

 What is the Transistor?

A transistor is a three-terminal electronics device it is made by the proper assembling of P-type and N-type semiconductors. The three-terminal of transistors are Emitter, Base, and Collector. In any electronics, circuit transistors either work as a Switch or Amplifier. As an Amplifier, it can operate Either Common Base Configuration, Common Emitter Configuration, or Common Collector Configuration. According to the Configuration of Transistor, it can be used as Voltage amplification or Current Amplification.

What are Amplifiers and Amplification?

transistor as Amplifier
Amplifier Circuit

Amplification is a process in which the amplitude of a weak signal is leveled up by providing external energy and the electronic circuit which is used to increase the amplitude of the weak signal is called an amplifier. Here we will discuss the Working of a Transistor as an Amplifier. Before transistors, Vaccum Tubes are used to amplify a weak signal.

How does a transistor work as an Amplifier?

Transistor As an Amplifier
Amplifier Transistor Circuit
Look at the circuit diagram given above. it is a common Base Configuration of NPN Transistor. it is working in active mode as an amplifier. The load resistance Ris connected in Series with Collector and Supply Voltage Vcc. For this circuit, a very small change in input Voltage between the Emitter and Base terminal results in a large current emitter current change. As from the figure, the Collector and Emitter Terminal are Connected in Reverse Bias and possess a high resistance between Collector and Emitter Junction. When this Small Change Current passes through this high-value resistance creates a high voltage across the load resistor which is an amplified version of Input Weak Voltage. Sometimes people defined with the help of gain of the transistor.

Application of Amplifier

  • Amplifier circuits are used in communication electronics devices like Mobile phones etc
  • Amplifier Circuits are used to measure the pulse rate.
  • Amplifier Circuits are used in medical equipment.
  • Amplifier circuits are used to amplify low-level sound in home theater.
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